Mental health is a topic that has always resonated with me, and my work reflects my deep interest in this terrain. My work invites viewers to witness the power of visual storytelling as it explores the complex journey of mental health. Each photograph is a window into the raw truth of experience, a reflection of the progression of feelings from the depths of depression to the heights of anxiety and everything in between.

The photographs capture the paradox of memories, both haunting and healing, as they navigate the terrain of mental health. As I explore the complexities of mental health, my work also sheds light on the untold stories of social problems. Through powerful and vibrant imagery, it highlights the reality of invisibility that overtakes those who suffer in silence, unseen, unheard, and misunderstood. These photographs carry a metaphorical emotional message, shedding light on how society can turn mental health struggles on and off. My work explores the beauty, fragility, and resilience of the human spirit as it wrestles with the complexities of mental health and the social problems that surround it.

The weight of the world, an unbearable load, 

A burden that crushes, a heavy and lonely road,

My mouth is covered, my voice suppressed, 

Trapped in a world of fear and unrest.

The world sees only what I choose to show, 
But deep inside, a constant decline and flow, 
A battle rages, day and night it fights, 
My mental health, is a hidden, unseen plight.

Though I may feel alone and adrift, 

in this sea of sorrow and strife, 

my faith remains my anchor and gift, 

Guiding me through the storms of life.

Yet, still, I hold the torch, for it brings a glimmer of light, 

In the darkness of my soul, it illuminates the night, 

And though the pain remains, and the burden still weighs, 

The torch reminds me of a hope that never decays.

The quest to fit in never ends, 

An impossible feat to achieve. 

The world's expectations weigh heavily, 

As they try to find relief.

It flickers and dances, a symbol of hope, 

But its warmth is bittersweet, a burden to cope, 

For every flame that flickers, a memory does stir, 

Of a time when hope burned bright, of a time that's now a blur.

Yet, tears can fall, unbidden, and unmasked, 

Revealing struggles, battles that have passed, 

The weight of worries, troubles that I chafe, 

My cigarette, a fleeting, temporary escape.

My smile, a shield, a mask that I wear,

To hide my sorrow, my burden to bear, 

For pain and anguish, I keep locked inside, 

My silent cries, no place to run and hide.

Amidst the smoke and haze, I find my solace there, 

A fleeting moment of respite, from the weight I cannot bear, 

Each puff is a bittersweet reminder, of the life that I have lost, 

A reminder of the pain and struggle, of the bridges I have crossed.

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