Sawan Chhetri is a multidisciplinary artist currently based in Columbus, Ohio. He holds a BFA in photography from The Ohio State University. Sawan's artistic journey commenced with a deep focus on wildlife and landscapes, where he was blessed with the opportunity to intimately witness nature's wonders. This experience nurtured within him a profound sense of friendship and kindness toward the natural world.

As a recent graduate, Sawan's artistic expression has evolved into documentary photography, skillfully weaving powerful narratives that bring light to untold stories of social struggles. In his current series of photographs, he delves into the subject of mental health, seeking to break the stigma surrounding it and ignite a meaningful dialogue about its profound impact on individuals and society. Sawan Chhetri continuously pushes the boundaries of his craft, employing photography as a catalyst for positive change. His deep-rooted belief in the power of visual storytelling drives him to create art that not only captivates but also touches hearts, provokes thoughts, and inspires action.

Artist Statement

As a multidisciplinary artist, I embark on a journey of boundless creativity through the fusion of photography, painting, and printmaking. My art is a testament to my unwavering dedication to capturing the essence of human experiences and the intricate evolution of emotions, encompassing themes like depression, anxiety, memories, visibility, and invisibility. I immerse myself in the lives of individuals from diverse age groups, each navigating their unique journey of mental health challenges. Their moods, actions, and thoughts become the focal points of my photography, enabling viewers to delve into the intricate complexities of these societal issues.

Through painting and printmaking, I discover new dimensions to convey the profound depth of human emotions, skillfully crafting visual narratives that challenge the boundaries between memory and lived experiences. Rooted in inspiring situations, my works reflect a sense of certainty amidst the uncertainties of life. I introduce characters whose voices are often muted and unheard in my artworks. I endeavor to amplify these voices through narrative storytelling and metaphorical expressions, catalyzing positive influences and awakening transformative changes within communities. My art serves as a bridge, forging connections between the individual and society and fostering a collective sense of compassion and empathy. I aspire to evoke genuine relationships, provoke introspection, and inspire action, igniting positive change in the world. 
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